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ethics and philosophy

Just Car is an ethical car rental company. Our philosophy is to provide best solution for journey which completely satisfies our passengers. Moreover, we are operating our business from Pune and Mumbai. We provide best travel solutions to the premium travellers who want to rent private cars or cabs for their journey.
We understand that hiring a private cab is important for premium passengers, because they give value to their comfort and ease of journey. So, we trained our staff to give best hospitality to our passengers, in addition, we track the whole record of the journey.

Just Car, believes that a human assistance is better than any automated web or mobile application. So in Just Cars, we prefer to book cabs over a phone call, where our call-center executives can understand the travel need to the clients and help them to book a perfect car ride for them. This helps passengers to negotiate and help us to understand their actual need, which lead us to suggest them the best car for their journey.

Concept of One Way Journey

Just Car understands that passengers have different needs, like some passengers want two-way car rental services, and some want one-side car rental services. In some routs, frequency of travelers are hire than other routs. In such routs, we provide one way cab service. Taxi service between Mumbai Pune is comes under such concept.

Two Way Cab Service

In some cases, one way car rental is not possible because of low frequency of travel demand. But in some cases it is possible; Pune to Mumbai trip and Mumbai to Pune trip is the most frequent service request which we received every day. Approximately 150 to 200 Round Taxi trips between Mumbai and Pune is executed by our travel agency, which is quite high. So it is possible for us to provide one-way taxi service for Pune to Mumbai journey and Mumbai to Pune journey. In addition, we got many request for Mumbai Airport drop from Pune and Pune drop from Mumbai Airport, so Just Car also provides customized private cars on rent to the Airport passengers, as well shared taxi service option is also available.

No Pre-payment for Booking... Just Call and Rent a Car.

Just Car does not ask any pre-payment for cab booking, passengers need to pay the pre-decided amount (half or Full)* once the cab reach to pick them. Also we do not charge passengers for booking cancelation. Before reaching passengers place our drivers always makes a conformation call, and passengers have option to cancel the booking.
That's why we call our taxi service is for human by human.

Taxi Booking By Just Car

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Car/Cab or Taxi rental services for Mumbai Pune Shirdi Nashik and other outstation trips. Just Car is a premium Travel agency of Maharashtra, having its offices in Mumbai and Pune. Private Cars on rent or Shared Cabs are available for Pune Mumbai trips, including Mumbai Airport pickup and Drop Services.

Premium Taxi Services for: Also provides customized car rental solutions for tourist destinations of Maharashtra.

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